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MultiMemo desk set

Product Code: SM6926263
Price Range: £1 - £2

Desk set including a pen, pencil and colour crayons. Size 15,5 cm

Product Code: SM3720935
Price Range: Please Call

MultiMemo desk set black black

Product Code: SM8018774
Price Range: Please Call

Desk set in brown paper box

Product Code: SM8609301
Price Range: Please Call

Desk set memo with calendar

Product Code: SM8622594
Price Range: Please Call

Desk set: pen brown

Product Code: SM7704131
Price Range: £10 - £15

Double Desk Set Walnut Finish

Product Code: SM8432985
Price Range: Please Call

Desk set. Aluminium. LCD screen. With calendar, alarm and weather information and forecast. Includes 2 AAA batteries. 130 x 130 x 19 mm

Product Code: SM8490609
Price Range: £10 - £15

Penny Desk Set

Product Code: SM8092722
Price Range: £2 - £5

City Desk Set

Product Code: SM6724061
Price Range: £15 - £25
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